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Aurora winery, located in the Lebanese northern village, Rachkedde, is a family owned boutique mountain winery dedicated to making the finest wine through rigorous viticulture and winemaking methods.
Covering a little over 2 ha, the vineyards planted at 850 m altitude surrounded by the oak hills,of the Batroun mountains. The vines have been farmed by hand with delicate eco-friendly techniques.
The family has passionately produced refined boutique wines that are known for their elegance and complex structure. Aurora Vin de Montagne feels bright, fresh, and velvety, and embodies the microclimate and terroir of its origin.


The name Aurora is derived from the village Aoura where the grapes are grown. The vineyards stretch over 3 hills, facing the Mediterranean Sea and overlooking on the north east side “Nahr el Jawz” or “Walnut” river in the Batroun mountains.


The engraved stone that inspired our logo, is a piece that has been passed down generations. It was sculpted by the family’s grandfather Boutros Geara in 1937. The drawing is influenced by Byzantine geometric and symbol representations, a common heritage in the region. The byzantine empire has marked its reign on this area in the late centuries of the first millenium, leaving behind churches, houses, and other architectural ornaments that are still visited till this day.IMG-20160123-WA0015





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